Electrico W: A Novel by Herve Le Tellier, translated by Adriana Hunter

A brilliant study in metafiction set in Lisbon, Electrico W explores love, relationships, and the strange balance between literature and life. 

"Romantic and atmospheric, this novel also benefits from a particularly fine sense of place and time...Dealing with so many characters...makes it lively and fleet. An epilogue describes the characters’ futures so neatly and completely that the reader may want to skip it. But skipping anything else in this witty, sad, and interesting novel would be a shame."  -- Publisher's Weekly

"...an engaging spapshot of these [characters'] briefly intersecting lives."  -- New York Times Book Review

"...it is humorous and reads effortlessly." -- Booklist

"...told with an earnestness that we see less and less of in novels in America. Le Tellier might remind readers of Robert Bolaño; both feature a poetic melancholy and characters that understand the world through the prism of literature."  -- The Daily Beast