*How can I help you?


Every writer's situation is different, so please contact me to discuss yours. I'm happy to edit your novel, collection of short stories, memoir, article, or grad school essay.  Fees are based on a case-by-case basis. Below is a list of three basic services I offer:


  • Developmental Edit—You will receive a detailed editorial letter, along with notes on your printed manuscript, with page-by-page comments, suggestions, and queries to improve  characterization, dialogue, plot, context, and narrative urgency. This is the most in-depth study of the overall intent and readability of your work.  A developmental edit also includes a one-hour phone call or in-person meeting after you receive the materials to discuss the notes, your goals in the publishing industry, and general career advice. 


  • Evaluation—An evaluation is a more cursory look at your work. The letter includes my general thoughts on the narrative, but not page-by-page notes. For example, I will let you know if I think there's an unnecessary  character or an event that hinders the forward thrust of your narrative or if the sequence of events should be changed in order to maintain the suspense or point out if you introduced a plot line and then forgot to resolve it. The fee will also include a one-hour phone call or in-person meeting to discuss my thoughts on your work, your goals in the publishing industry, and general career advice. 


  • Editorial Consultation—Maybe you're not quite ready to commit to an edit/evaluation or perhaps you haven’t completed your novel, memoir, or nonfiction manuscript. In this case, I can review up to 30 pages of sample material, and then we can schedule a 30-minute phone call. The flat rate for this is $500, payable in full prior to our discussion.


  • Self-Publishing (coming Soon!)


*If my schedule won't allow us to work together or I think there's a better editor for your particular type of writing, I will be happy to refer you to someone else.  I encourage writers to do as much research as possible before committing to an editor. I cannot guarantee that you will be published or that you will secure an agent's representation, only that I will give you an honest, professional opinion on your work.