Lillian & Dash: A Novel by Sam Toperoff

An audacious reimagining of the real lives of Dashiel Hammett and Lillian Hellman, the twentieth century writing couple who sparked controversy, commercial success, and endless curiosity. 

“There is a sentence in Lillian & Dash that, in part, reads, "Cruelty was in fact precisely what made the erotic obscene." There is a lot packed in those ten words. What's more, they explain exactly why anything Sam Toperoff writes, I will read.”-- Cal Fussman, writer at large, Esquire
"This is a novel that reimagines their relationship...with a strong dose of Golden Age romanticism."-- LA Times

"It's a light, absorbing summer read, entertaining without being hokey."-- Wall Street Journal

“I never knew how love like this worked, the kind that jumps the tracks but just keeps barreling onward...'til Sam Toperoff yanked me aboard, sat me next to Dash and Lill and took us hurtling through Hollywood, down Broadway, across two wars, a political witch hunt and mid-20th-century America, spellbound and hell-bound for human truth.” -- Gary Smith, writer, Sports Illustrated