NEXT STOP: Growing Up Wildstyle in the Bronx by Ivan Sanchez

Next Stop is a train ride into the heart of the Bronx during the late eighties and early nineties at the height of the crack epidemic, a tumultuous time when hip-hop was born and money-hungry slumlords were burning down apartment buildings with tenants still inside. From one stop to the next, this gritty memoir follows Ivan Sanchez and his crew on their search for identity and an escape from poverty in a stark world where street wars and all-night symphonies of crime and drug-fueled mayhem were as routine as the number 4 train.

"It's the raw and brutally honest portrayal of a violent youth who walks through fire in order to find himself." -- Linda Nievez-Powell, author of Free Style

"A harrowing journey told with humor, spirit and wisdom..." -- Henry Chalfant, author of Subway Art/Spraycan Art and the movie StyleWars

"Ivan Sanchez not only encapsulated the essence of the Bronx during that time period, he vivified his characters to the point where you felt like you knew one of the guys from his block. This book is amazing, real and raw!" -- April Lee Hernandez, actress (ER, The View, and Freedom Writers)

"A harrowing journey told with humor, spirit, and wisdom." -- Henry Chalfant, co-author of Subway Art and Spraycan Art and co-director of the movie Style Wars