Solo Pass: A Novel by Ronald Defeo

A mordant account of a psychiatric patient granted an unsupervised day pass to roam New York City and return to the ward of his own recognizance. An unsettling satire that depicts, with inverted logic, the difficulties of madness and normalcy. 

"A quirky, funny tale that forces the reader to question the line between inside and outside, insanity and normalcy, confinement and freedom." -- Booklist Online

"Some parts of the book were really quite funny and others were heartbreakingly sad. The characters were all very human and parts of the storyline kept me guessing. I will definitely seek out more from this author."-- Reading in Progress

"In this highly engaging novel, Ott presents his version of events, but we are still able to see cracks in the narrative, and eventually a well-formed picture of what really happened emerges...Ultimately, author De Feo shows that the weight of conformity and a desire to belong to a social group can be both a terrible burden, an overwhelming challenge, and oddly enough a liberating choice." -- Swiftly Tilting Planet