I cannot thank Sulay enough for helping me get my writing career off to a great start. As an editor, she knew exactly how to improve my work with insightful pacing comments, thoughtful plot critiques, and spot-on character analyses. Whether you're a new writer looking to self-publish your first book or an experienced novelist hoping to polish your current manuscript, I highly recommend that you seek out her expertise.

Boyd Morrison, bestselling author of The Ark, The Midas Code, and The Loch Ness Legacy 

Sulay Hernandez helped my first novel, Final Theory, become a great success. Her editorial advice improved the manuscript immensely. Thanks to her enthusiasm and guidance, I achieved the dream of every first-time author: a multi-book contract, foreign rights sales in more than twenty countries, a review in The New York Times, and a film-option deal. Thank you, Sulay!

Mark Alpert, bestselling author of Final Theory 

I had written three non-fiction collaborations before I sold my first novel. I knew the process would be very different with fiction. And it was! I'm so grateful that I had Sulay to guide my book very step of the way. When she sent the first round of edits, I went a little off the notes and sent back practically a different novel altogether. Looking back, I don't know why Sulay didn't just cancel the contract and send me packing. It is to her credit that she calmly explained what needed to be done and steered me back on track. We writers are a neurotic bunch. It takes a gentle spirit to keep us disciplined and focused while at the same time encouraging our process and staying out of the way. I felt safe with Sulay. That's the best way I can describe it. I felt like I--and my words--were safe with her.

Aliya S. King, New York Times bestselling author of Platinum 

Sulay is the greatest thing that could have happened to me since I started writing my novel. She has the gift, the love and the knowledge to make any manuscript the best it can be. Her insight on the publishing industry is worth a million. Reaching out to her and getting my work edited has taken my novel and my writing to the next level.

Rebeca Gomez Galindo, author of Kidnapped Innocence 

Sulay was absolutely instrumental to the success of my book. Her dedication and understanding of my story made it possible for her to work on my project while I was in a state prison. She is an amazing editor and I would recommend her to anyone without concerns.

Prodigy of Mobb Deep, author of My Infamous Life

Sulay Hernandez understands that publishing is a business and writing is an art, and she seamlessly navigates each world and builds bridges between them. She's courageous, honest and savvy. Her insight and guidance as well as her sense of humor were integral to the success of my debut novel and continues to inform my work as a writer.

 Matthew Goodman, author of Hold Love Strong