The Barcelona Brothers: A Novel by Carlos Zanon, translated by John Cullen

A gritty noir thriller novel set in Barcelona's savage underbelly. 

"This feverish, present-tense novel, Zanón’s first to be published in English, strives for unflinching honesty in its stark portrait of the Barcelona slums that serve as the backdrop to an inexplicable crime...Zanón sharply captures the mental detritus of his characters’ fleeting thoughts,[and] dramatizes the tensions festering beneath Spain’s nominally multicultural surface." --Publishers Weekly

“A dark, nihilistic novel evoking the spirit of Dostoevsky.” --Kirkus

“For crime fans who think of Barcelona as one of the world’s most beautiful and cosmopolitan cities, it will be an eye-opener.” --Booklist

"The dialogue is spot-on, the descriptions are confident, even lyrical at times, and it manages to skim the edges of pulp territory while never getting too lurid. The Barcelona Brothers takes a long, hard look at what people are capable of when they have no other options." ---Crime Fiction Lover

"The manner in which Zanon shows us the hearts and minds of the principals, set against the violence and mind-numbing hopelessness of the barrio, is absolutely wonderful." --Book Reporter