The Devil’s Mambo: A Thriller by Jerry Rodriguez

An erotic neo-noir urban novel about a former Navy Seal and ex-homicide detective who takes on the   concrete jungle of the New York City streets in search of a young girl.  

"Ex-homicide detective and Navy SEAL Nick Esperanza dives deep into New York's sexual underworld in this graphic, gritty first novel...The squeamish may wince as Esperanza does his desperate and dark dance down the wild side." --Publisher's Weekly

"A menagerie of sex and violence...a seductive read with a Spanglish accent." -- Kenji Jasper, author of Dark and The House on Childress Street

When NYPD homicide cop Nicholas Esperanza wins 30 million bucks in the lottery, he does what any right-thinking fella would do: chucks his job, buys a nightclub, and spends his days relaxing, and his nights . . . well, let's just say the man likes his fun...The language in the novel is frank and may strike some readers as over the top, but the story is well plotted and the characters, especially Esperanza, are well drawn." --Booklist