What Doesn’t Kill You: A Novel by Virginia Deberry and Donna Grant

An amusing and poignant novel about a woman who loses her job and then discovers her truest self. Upmarket commercial women’s fiction at its finest from the beloved New York Times bestselling writing duo. 

"When it rains, it pours for Tee Hodges, the spirited, stiff-upper-lipped protagonist of DeBerry and Grant's latest...Yet even when she finds her world swirling out of her grasp, she maintains the image that she has everything together. As her savings dwindle, her employment prospects look bleak, creditors begin calling, her parents explore the possibility of divorce and friends she trusted turn out to be less than supportive, Tee begins to trust her instincts, which sharpens her confidence in her entrepreneurial drive and leads her into the arms of a doting man. The anti-pity party: snappy, fun, and inspiring." -- Publisher's Weekly

Tee Hodges helped Olivia Markson’s natural-beauty company take off, but when Olivia unexpectedly dies, Tee is unceremoniously dumped. That’s just the start of her problems... Longtime writing partners DeBerry and Grant write once again about resilience in the face of adversity. They temper Tee’s almost unbelievable slate of bad luck with well-placed humor for an ultimately uplifting tale." -- Booklist